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Product Development

We provide you with complete services from design. With rich experience in design and processing technology of architectural hardware parts, we can help your design ideas into actual outstanding products.


We provide a variety of different materials for production and different surface process for our hardware components, That satisfied different needs from different clients.

Hardware Assembly

To make sure we have provided a high quality product to the clients. METIDEA Global Co. has a one-stop customer service with our professional team to assemble, test, examine, and package.

Weaving Idea Into Reality

METIDEA Global Co. Ltd. is a professional material manufacturer for housing construction-related businesses. We have our own professional design, manufacture, business, and marketing team, and uphold a high-quality product ideology.

Creating the greatest value for our customers is our aim, we have the ability to react to any market demand and provide a professional one-stop service to satisfy the various needs of our clients.

17 Years Experience

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In modern society, people always seeking a real comfortable living environment. As a building hardware manufacturer, Metidea by upholding a safe construction and an ideal living environment believes to produce endless ideas. We will keep heading forward to provide various high-quality

and safety hardware.

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Whether you’re curious about product development, manufacturing, or hardware product, we’re here to answer any questions.