about us

We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best result.

Our Mission

We’re a professional material manufacturer for housing construction-related businesses. Our own professional design, manufacture, business, and marketing team. We take our clients as the first priority, provide a professional one-stop service to satisfy the various needs of our clients.

Our Values

People always seeking a real comfortable living environment. As a building hardware manufacturer, Metidea by upholding a safe construction and an ideal living environment believes to produce endless ideas. We will keep heading forward to provide various high quality and safe hardware.

Company Details

公司名稱          東芝達工業股份有限公司
Company        Metidea Global Co. Ltd.

公司地址          臺中市龍井區東海里藝術街19 巷10 號1 樓
Address           No.10,Lane 19,Yishu St.,Longjing Dist.,Taichung City 43446,Taiwan

設 立                 2005 SEP 6                          資本額        15,800,000
Setup                                                              Capital

代 表 人             陳芝嫻                                  銀 行           台灣銀行( 台中工業區分行)
Owner               Leeloo Chen                        Bank           Bank of Taiwan

CA01990          其他非鐵金屬基本工業
                          Other non-metallic basic industries
CA02990         其他金屬製品製造業
                          Other metal products manufacturing
CZ99990         未分類其他工業製品製造業
                          Unclassified other industrial products manufacturing
I501010            產品設計業
                          Products Design
F401010           國際貿易業
                          International trade