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With its roots as an OEM, ODM, and IDM company, METIDEA Global Co. Ltd. has leveraged its decades-long expertise to become an Innovation Design Manufacturer. Our company offers an integrated approach to hardware integration and industrial design, addressing the needs of the end-user customer.

Product Development

Subsequent uses, processes, assembly, and packaging wi l l be considered during the development. We assist our clients to avoid unnecessary costs with our plentiful design experiences and processing skills.


We have highly trained industrial design staff with countless experiences in hardware conponents and homecare welfare products.


Apart from discover problems, we also provide accurate solution for clients that will transfer your idea into an excellent product.


To reduce the issue on the products, CNC and 3D print will be used to examine any problem occur on the product, and fix the issue immediately to make sure the follow-up the output will be smooth.


We have a complete producing flow from molding to print out and finally mass production. To make sure the consistency of the product quality, we will keep our eyes on all the producing steps.


To help our client to achieve a diverse product production, we provides a variety of high quality metal and plastic materials.


We provide a different surface process for our hardware components, for instance, plating, painting, anodizing, polishing, and other finishes. That satisfied different needs from different clients.


To make sure our client receive the product on time, we will track down each production progress of process.

Examine Assembly & Quality Control

To make sure we have provided a high quality product to the clients. Our quality management team will examine everything after the process and test them to see if it meets clients’ demands.

Strictly Control

We establish strict quality control standards for each product to ensure that each product meets customer requirements


Plastic blister packaging will be used during all the progress of processing the product, to avoid collide and scratch.

SGS Testing

All the METIDEA's products will be sent to SGS to make sure our products have met the safety aspect.


Whether you’re curious about product development, manufacturing, or hardware product, we’re here to answer any questions.