METIDEA | METIDEA丨Manufacturing
We provides various of high quality metal and plastic material. Aluminum alloy, Zinc alloy, ABS, PVC, POM,and provides different surface process for our hardware components, for instance, plating, paint, anode and polish finishes. That satisfied different needs from different clients.
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2. Manufacturing

We have a complete producing flow from molding to print out and finally mass production. To make sure the consistency of the product quality, we will keep our eyes on all the producing steps. A strict implementation at the use of environmental friendly material to avoid loss.


To help our client to achieve a diverse product production, we provides various of high quality metal and plastic material.


We provides different surface process. That satisfied different needs from different clients.

Painting :powder painting,liquid painting,precision painting,electro painting.

Anode:general anode, hard anode.

Plating: chrome plating,nickel plating, stain chrome plating, stain nickel plating etc.

Other:Hairline,PVD coating,Clear lacquer etc.


To make sure our client receive the product on time, we will track down each production progress of process.

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